3 Strands Copper & Alloy System

This Machine are the most compact unit available at the Bright Engineering. This machine can be set up at a very small place and with the production of 40-60MT per month it is the most desirable machine for most of the customer. This machine can be used for production of copper, brass and also different kinds of non-ferrous alloys. Due to its compact design of furnace and working of the 45KW furnace with less power consumption is can be used for small and medium factories.

Product: Oxygen Free (OF) Copper Rod/Alloy/Strip

Production Rate: 100-180 Kg/hr.

Standard Rod Sizes: 8,12.5,16,20 and 25 mm rods

Furnace Capacity

Operating Power: 45Kw

Copper Holding: 1000-1200Kg

Copper Melting: 80-100Kg/Hr


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