6 Strands Copper & Alloy System

This is the 6 Strand Machine this machine has a production capacity of 180-210 MT per month. This Machine has better production capabilities and the furnace provided with this casting line is 160 KW which has a capability of accepting whole cathode plate in the furnace without cutting it. This system is available in two options one with single servo and another with double servo, hence this system can cast 2 different sizes with the same machine at the same time.

Product: Oxygen Free (OF) Copper Rod/Alloy/Strip

Production Rate: 360Kg/hr

Standard Rod Sizes: 8,12.5,16,20 and 25 mm rods

Furnace Capacity

Operating Power: 160Kw

Copper Holding: 1800-2200Kg

Copper Melting: 340Kg/Hr


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